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Location Mein Welt
Introduction I am a misfit painter and I go out with apples living in a land far far away named MEIN WELT where all the descendents of nazis, pirates, slaves, fairys, fundamentalist Christians, Tolkien characters and Ramones's fans can reproduce like rabbits. Be welcome and enjoy the trip. Would you like some tea ? JESUS CHRIST BLESS YOU !!
Interests painting, drawing, vegetarianism, aquarism christianism art, pintura desenho, contemporary, painting, joseph, beuys, poesia, aquarismo, veganism, vegan, cristianismo, arte, contemporanea, bild, malerei, zeichnung, kunst, fotografie, musik contemporary art, expressionism, impressionism, realism, pop art, history of art, potery, poetry, literatura literature, literatur, ilustraçao, ilustration, figure, illustration, gravura, stich, gravure, print, escultura, sculpture, plastik, escultor, sculptor, bildhauer, decoracao, design, decoration, dekoration, art exhibition art, museum, kunte, pintor, painter, maler, artista, artist, artista pastico, cultura, culture, kultur, arquitetura, novo testamento, new testament, neuestestament, jesus cristo, jesus christ, desenhista, designer, zeichnung, fotografo, photographer, biblia, biblie, escritor, schriftsteller, autor, schreiber, writer, escrever, cristianismo, fundamentalista, turismo, sitcoms, monet, seinfeld, friends, degas, claude monet, rembrandt, munch lucian freud, bonnard, francis bacon, giacometti, renoir, frans hals, vermeer, sex
Favorite Movies the lord of the rings, appocalypse now, appocalypse now redux, the others, whatever, taxi driver, e.t, the girl with the pearl earring, no land for old man, Gummo, little mis sunshine, Yes Man, napoleon dynamite, Stellet Licht, American Splendor
Favorite Music neil young, guided by voices, nirvana, black flag, black sabbath, dinosaur jr, beat happening, bettie serveert, beck, breeders, beatles, beach boys, cramps, cardigans, dead kennedys, mc5, johnny cash, jon spencer blues explosion, jimi hendrix, lemonheads, exploited, knights of new crusade, melvins, mark lanegan, minor threat, minutemen, misfits, mudhoney, pavement, pixies, p j harvey, prussian blue, ramones, sonic youth, screamimg trees, smiths, smashing pumpkins, velvet undergound, the who, yeah yeah yeahs, vivald, gioacchino rossini, rossini, richard wagner, igor stravinsky, ludwig van beethoven, beethoven, johann sebastian, bach, wolfgang amadeus, mozart, mozart, tchaikovisky, gustav mahler, my bloody valentine, duffy, dicharge, the dead boys, hives, ratos de porao