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Industry Arts
Occupation student/artisian
Location smack dab in the middle, Oregon, United States
Introduction I am un-definable, I am unique. I recently found out I was thought of as the goody too shoes in school, but also as way HOT to ask out. WOOO! STOP!!Wait an ever lovin minute!! And yet I worried about not being asked out on a Friday night? But that still that isn’t how I defined me, total reverse. So my description of me is a little in disarray as of late. I know I am passionate about what or who I believe in and will fight for it, stand up for it, and even protest for it. I'm blonde not stupid so don't treat as such. My son is my life, but he neither will treat me like crap, I will be treated with respect, honor and love at all times, and will do the same to others. I am kind, loving, and considerate. I love to have a good time and laugh my butt off for no other reason than to make someone else feel better, even if means make a complete fool of myself. But, boy who fell in love with me at 12 and still loves me at 44 is a rare, but that we are only just now starting to date is the real miracle. In all this I found two real loves. I found GOD!! And then HE gave me my first true love and for that I thank HIM! So I guess that is it, that all, that is about me, myself, and Shawneen!!
Interests Jewelry, Horses, photography, harleys, warm weather, nascar, my dogs, cats and other misfits, making jewelry.. traveling
Favorite Movies Gone With The Wind, anything with Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon, Cher, Gena Davis, or Julia Roberts in it, I'm pretty much gonna love it! and I probably own it.
Favorite Music Country, but i love most music but music is a personal thing, and its gotta move my soul before i can listen to it. I dont just listen to the song. I listen to the words, and the feelings behind it! I want to know the melody the chorus the high and the lows the whole package.. Im a music nut!
Favorite Books Gone With The Wind, anne rice, historical novels, self improvement... what ever looks good~ The Bible