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Location California
Introduction What you see is what you get!!!! I am easily influenced by kindness. In my opinion there is ABSOLUTELY no reason to be disrespectful to anyone..... We're all equals in my eyes. You could also say that I'm an open book…. But some pages are easier to read than others!!! Sometimes I put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down. It doesn't take much to please me! I hate confrontation and I will do ALMOST anything to avoid it!!! :) Good conversation is ALWAYS a must. I believe that Pizza and a McDonald's sunday will cure any bad day!!! :) I LOVE to be spontaneous, I absolutely love last minute trips to just about anywhere, so unless I have to work I'm your girl!! Baseball games are my absolute favorite!! The beach is one of my favorite places, It serves many different purposes in my life!! ;) I enjoy pictures and the outdoors.... :) It seems like these days I live vicariously through my friends..... I LOVE kids and I am grateful that my friends allow me to entertain theirs until I have kiddos of my own!!! :) I'm still trying to figure out what life has in store for me, but at this point in time I'm not stressing it, at least not yet!!
Interests Pictures, Baseball games, UNO, traveling, friends, BBQ's, Christmas, scrapbooking, summertime, the beach, movies, sunsets and walks on the beach, meeting new people, scary movies, purple tulips, yellow roses, hugs and kisses, smiles, pizza, and Mcdonald's fries!!!
Favorite Movies any cheesy Romantic comedy will do!! I LOVE scary movies, and anything that is animated.... Disney movies are my favorite... I'mn pretty sure I have all of them up until now!
Favorite Music A little of everything!!! although Country music seems to take precedence, I am open to all other kinds as well!!! :)