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Introduction The greatest warrior of all time, Achilles is equally famous for both his prowess in battle and the intensity of his anger. Though normally a gentle-hearted patron of the kitchen, Achilles is fiercely loyal to his friends and will pursue their persecutors to the ends of the earth. His destruction of Hector during the Trojan War after the death of his friend Patroklos, as well as his attempts to deflect the Naysayer's insults from his friend Zeus, stand as evidence of his fealty. His name, a combination of the Greek words for "grief" (akhos) and "people" (laos), is fitting: Achilles travels throughout the oceans to address the grief of people everywhere by bringing them epicurean delights. "I only wish my fury would compel me to cut away your flesh and eat it raw for what you've done." -Achilles, to Hector (Homer, 754 BC) "If they ever turn my story let them say that I walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat, but these names will never die. Let them say I lived in the time of Achilles." -Odysseus (Troy, dir. Wolfgang Petersen, 2004)