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Gender MALE
Occupation Faithful Companion
Location Middlesbrough, Teesside
Introduction I am an aging Collie/Alsation/Belgian Shepherd/Bit-of-whatever-else-was-around-at-the-time cross. I am a retired "Dog on a String", having being assigned to a New Age Traveller - a relationship which persists to this day. We have both since settled in one place.
Interests Sleeping and eating. Far too old for walking anywhere much these days, although I like to try every now and again. Being made a fuss of is good too - especially now I'm no longer expected to do as I'm told on grounds of being ancient and somewhat deaf...Not that I'm actually deaf at all...But no-one else needs know that.
Favorite Movies Ones which have enough colour and flashing lights to keep the Heathen Mini Thug from getting bored and throwing books at me over the back of the sofa.
Favorite Music The sound of leftovers hitting my bowl, and the rattle of the dog treat bag.
Favorite Books Any which stay on the shelves or land on the other side of the room.

Your hand has been replaced by a rubber stamp. What does it say?

I have no idea. I'm a dog.