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Industry Internet
Occupation Entrepreneur
Location United States
Introduction Homeschooling, freelance writing, work at home mom of four. Wife to a karaoke singing, fun loving, patient saintlike husband (like my Daddy always told me, it would take a STRONG and PATIENT man to put up with me!). Coffee Addict. Laundry Hater. Queen of Procrastination. Domestic Diva Wannabe. Sarcastic and Sassy. Emotional in your face, all or none kinda gal. Southern woman that loves sweet tea, collards, fat back and of course chicken and pastry. Bless my southern heart (and my cloggin' arteries)!

If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?

In my house mud is actually the stinky contents of a diaper. Clay would be same stinky contents just thicker and a different color!