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Gender Female
Industry Internet
Occupation Hedge fund manager and futurist
Location Silicon Valley, United States
Introduction ENTP, philosopher, science and technology futurist, instantiated in nucleotide chassis at present
Interests Metaverse worlds, social finance, Markets 2.0, astronomy, astro-biology, particle and quantum physics, computing, semiconductors, information theory, mathematics, nanotech, biotech bioinformatics, evolutionary biology, computational biology, radical life extension and caloric restriction.
Favorite Books Continuously changing but some perennials are... SCI FI: Blindsight, Lady of Mazes, Cassini Division, Rama series, Altered Carbon, Appleseed, Glass House, Rainbows End, Accelerando, The Golden Age, Beggars in Spain, Permutation City, Blood Music, Revelation Space, Night Sky Mine, Cosm, Childhood's End. NON-FICTION: Trouble with Physics, the Black Swan, Fooled by Randomness, Freakonomics, Natural Born Cyborgs, Rare Earth, Warped Passages, Programming the Universe, The Nurture Assumption, Radical Evolution.