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Gender MALE
Occupation but wouldn't that be great?
Location United States
Introduction The following is no longer true, but it was at one time, hence the name of the blog. I'm living in England right now, finishing up my degree in Early Modern History from the University of Illinois (and the University of York). I'm 23 and most of the people I live with aren't even 20 yet, it's an adventure. So that's pretty much what this whole thing is about, just the random adventures I have while I'm here, learning what it is to be English.
Interests contemplating, reading, early modern church history, history, england, U.S., england-U.S. relations, God, what He thinks I should be contemplating, internet-based communication
Favorite Movies Garden State, Anchorman, Shawshank, Good Will Hunting, lots more...
Favorite Music something chill like Iron and Wine, or Sufjan Stevens, or my brother's stuff, it's ok too I guess.
Favorite Books Blue Like Jazz, State and Society in Luther and Calvin, Thomas Aquinas - Summa Theologicae (hah like i can read theology in LATIN!), the Bible in ESV

You get to ride the big roller coaster three times in a row. What will keep your dad from taking a bite out of your candy apple?

why don't you mind your own business and stop breaking into my room to watch me sleep!?!?