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Introduction Hi, i'm Charlie and this is my two-legged sidekick David Donaghue. We met in 2004 when I needed a new home, having been badly treated by my previous owners (grrrr). My sidekick DD had just lost his other collie ( also called Charlie ), so it was a real happy/sad sliding doors moment that brought us together. That's where the story starts and our new life of adventure running began. I'd never run before but now living in the beautiful peak district we took to the trails running further and further. In 2007 we did our first two ultras. In 2008 we completed 7 more and a number of off-road marathons. 2010 was our adventure of adventures - the coast to coast in 7 days (with sidekicks mate 'raldiss' too)..there can't be a better way to spend seven days on the run. We've made lots of friends (four and two legged ones) and hope to meet many more. We love running in inspiring places, simply living in the moment and thought it was about time we made a little diary of our adventures together. And if you see us out there having the time of our lives (or DD struggling up a mountain) say hi..we don't bite ;-)
Interests running in inspiring places. dribbling the football. chasing and fetching sticks. flicking stones in the air and catching them.generally being fussed about.