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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Many
Location Tucker County, WV, United States
Introduction Current focus is on digital currencies: blockchain, mining, systems management, networking, power distribution, tempurature control, etc.

My background is heavy IT: OSs; servers; software/app/web dev; networking and security; WAN/LAN/VPN; and so on.

Started way back on Apple II's and MS-DOS

Languages: AppleSoft Basic and direct Hex Editing/BasicA/QuickBasic/VB for DOS/VB for Windows/VB.NET; Turbo Pascal; C/QuickC/C++/C#; Assembler on Vax; etc. MS-SQL Server 7 to current

Every MS-OS from DOS 3.0 to Window 10, NT 4 Server to current.

Microsoft Certified on NT 4 as a MCSE and MCP+I. CompTIA Certified: Network+ and A+

Owned businesses for over 25 years with strong business background: accounting, inventory management systems, POS hardware/software, etc. Primary business designed/supplied/installed systems for businesses - transitioning/optimizing to digital systems.

Major home repairs have given me the chance to delved into building construction, plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems, etc.

So I have a strong basis to go into the digital currency movement with gusto!
Interests Family, Gardening, Bonsai, Hunting, IT (C#/ASP.NET App/Web Dev, MS-SQL Server, MS-Servers, VMWare/VirtualPC, etc...)