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Introduction Born in the late 1970's, I come from a generation of Americans that was repeatedly told education is the key to personal and national success. This logic seemed to make sense, as I believe in the inherent value of knowledge and experience. Student loans seemed practically unavoidable for financing increasingly expensive tuition rates. However, after earning undergraduate and graduate degrees from "good schools", I found myself with significant student loan debt and limited employment prospects. This situation has persisted over a period of years. During that time I have become more aware of how widespread and serious the issue of student debt is, and how schools, predatory lenders, and the government are making millions in profits off of indebted, underemployed former students. I realized I was not alone, and that a growing class of indentured student loan debtors was emerging, with serious implications. The system has (once again) been corrupted by corporate interests and something needs to be done about it.