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Introduction Dedicated local patch worker,.photography enthusiast ...birding is a way of life!It has to be said inland patch working for the most part,is a very unrewarding experience,especially without a real 'hot spot' like a big resevoir for instance,or something even designed to attract birds.....Gunthorpe was my spiritual birding home for 17 years but with the advent of more anti-social behaviour...drunken kids,off-road dirt bikes and anglers who leave enough rubbish to fill a skip...MEN (yes men not youths or kids) with air rifles shooting anything that moves...burnt out cars,fly tipping and finally having my car broke into,i finally admitted defeat and gave up!!!! I now frequent Hoveringham gravel pits,working the sailing lake area mostly. I can just about put up with the local farmer and game keeper, who(legally it seems) shoot any bird possible,oh and the foxhunting........isnt that illegal now!!???This blog isnt about incredible photos,just my personal exploits in a visual manner. Welcome to my world!!
Interests Birding and used, Canon 40D, 50D and 7D... 500 F4 and 400 F5.6 lenses