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Occupation Stay At Home Mom
Location Ga
Introduction I'm Mama Cloud... A multifaceted mama!!! I found myself and my life shift into it's present form when I fell in love with a widower and his two sons six years ago!!! Since then we've become a bona fide family, settled in the burbs, gone through a few pets, survived the typical bumps in the road and just recently we've gotten knocked up!!! It hasn't all happened in the order that I'd expected, but then again, I guess motherhood includes letting go of expectations a bit!!! Everyday I'm just trying to figure out exactly the woman, and mother that I want to be and trying to put it into action before they fly the coop!!!
Interests Loving all three of my boys!..Being a Mama to Scout and Pip...and...In no particular order...traveling(or mostly dreaming of it right now) - my family - exploring something or someone new - spending time with my nephew - live music - fishing - growing mentally and spiritually - children(whom I think are the most beautiful people on this planet - day dreaming – picnics – dance parties - people watching(especially at the airport) – making love – kissing - hiking – biking – canoeing – napping outdoors – rocking chairs, hammocks and swings – happy hour – soul searching – cracking the first bit of crème brulee – those small connections that we all have with strangers(a lot of the time with out words) – snuggling – good food - red wine – sharing – the ocean and it’s shore - the color green – sky diving and scuba diving – home made gifts – flowers – art projects – really knowing someone – asking questions in order to get to know someone – interpreting clouds – scrabble – boating – cards and letters – children’s books – dreaming about the future – speeding up on an overpass until it feels like my car is a galloping horse – dressing up for Halloween – hot tea – being taken away by a book or a movie – photography – road trips – playing pretend at work - roasting the perfect marshmellow on a camp fire - sunbathing - bubbles - skirts - skiing/snowboarding - trees…and so much more
Favorite Movies Amelie - Garden State - The Eternal sunshine of the Spotless Mind - American Beauty - The Big Lebowski - Waking Life - Labyrinth - The Royal Tenenbaums - Grateful Dawg - O Brother, Where art thou? - Adaptation - A River Runs Through It - Rushmore - Chocolat - Alice In Wonderland - Lost In Translation - Princess Bride - The Neverending Story - Everything is Illuminated -
Favorite Music "One good thing about music, when it hits you fell no pain... So hit me with music, hit me with music Hit me with music, hit me with music now..."
Favorite Books The Alchemist - Silk - Letters to a Young Poet - The Four Agreements - Eat Pray Love - any dream dictionary - Into the Wild - Where the Wild Things Are - Swimmy - Bear Snores On...and so many more!!!