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Occupation Writer Mom
Location Columbus, Ohio, United States
Introduction I write because I love to tell stories. This was a surprising realization to me. I thought it was because I had something to say. Because I do: I harbor a lusty desire to contribute to the global conversation of human progress and development and justice. There are so many myths I want to explode, so many gnarled masses of foolish assumptions and wicked deceits I want my words to untangle. But ultimately, it turns out I write because I love to tell stories well. To tell them truthfully. And so if my stories also have some point, if they change the reader a little bit, if they answer some questions, or ask some others, then I am pleased. I am ecstatic. I am flattered. But I am reminded: it all begins with the story and how it is told.
Interests Short cuts (hair and otherwise), talking about race, queer life, magic wand solutions to overwhelming problems, feminism, politics, transracial adoption, potato chips, marriage rights for anyone tough enough to handle them, remembering to love my friends even when they are deliciously successful, potato chips again
Favorite Music Brandi Carlile, Vanessa Torres, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Peter Paul and Mary, Ella Fitzgerald