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About me

Gender MALE
Industry Education
Occupation Pit Bull Ambassador
Location Oklahoma City, OK, United States
Introduction My mommy adopted me on Halloween of 2008 when I was about a year old. I was an abuse/neglect case but life is good now! I have scars all over me but I just think that makes me look more rugged and handsome. My favorite show is Pit Bulls and Parolees and I really, really heart my Nan-Nan (grandma) the best.
Interests Abolishing BSL, being cute, snuggling, educating peeps about how awesome pibbles are, destroying my toys, the zoomies, pit bull rescue, hot single redheads, barking in my sleep
Favorite Movies Babe, Old Yeller, Marley and Me, The Ugliest Dachshund
Favorite Music Wham!, Boyz II Men, Journey, Beethoven, Rick Astley, Michael Jackson, Bach, Whitesnake, Josh Groban, Milli Vanilli
Favorite Books The Pokey Little Puppy, Oogy, The Collected Works of Emily Dickinson

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

I have really good camouflage when I'm hiding in a field of holstein cows or when I'm sitting on the black and white tiled kitchen floor. Also, I'd rather hide in a dog-biscuit house.