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Introduction "Yes, indeed, men are terribly imperfect. But, after all, where do men come from? I offer this bargain to any woman: when women are perfect, men will be perfect also. In fact, this is an ironclad prediction. Until then, however, we'll just have to make do with what we have. That both sexes would be wise to tender more respect to the other is certainly true; but like everything else, this must begin with women. Very few women I know have any real respect for men -- their own sons, every one of us. They treat us like the lapdogs whose ears and tails they crop to suit their sick fashion whims. They regard us with contempt while enjoying all the comforts of the civilization we created for them -- from flush toilets to computers. Why value what you can always make more of -- what, indeed, you have already produced to excess? Front men, fall guys, whipping boys and endless cannon fodder. True, males exist to serve females' needs; but we are also human beings. And even if we were not, the Golden Rule still applies; even an all-female Congress cannot "repeal" this Law. Now and forever, you get what you give." ---Philalethes