Nonavee Dale

About me

Location Rodney District, Auckland, New Zealand
Introduction I get inspired by learning new skills. I also get inspired by many other things - and then am glad I have an outlet to share them, and also record them - just in case I die tomorrow. My mother loved history, and was fascinated by how we lived in the past. How could the world have once been so different? I believe that today we have lost many skills, and much knowledge that we used to have. And my family was large - 8 children - uncommon today - living on my father's regular salary. They chose to take the situation positively, as a team effort but even more - with great michief and joy and pride - a challenge fulfilled by wrapping Christmas presents in newspaper, buying food in bulk, growing all our own vegetables, bottling peaches and tomatoes, and doing everything possible ourselves with nary a frill to be seen. Although we did sometimes get teased for not wearing the latest trends, I can see now - that was quite a style.