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Gender MALE
Location Bangalore
Introduction Dark like the stormy river, moody like the clouded sky. For me the bell tolls!
Interests music, books, lazing, travelling
Favorite Movies Kill Bill, The Matrix, The Pianist, Forrest Gump, Notting Hill.
Favorite Music Metallica, Nirvana, RHCP, David Gray, Jamie Cullum, Katie Meluah, Dire Straits, Western Classical (ok I have no idea about movements and adaggios and archipelagos), Hindi Oldies, English Oldies.
Favorite Books Zen and the Art of MM, The Dark Tower, Starter for Ten, The god of small things

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:

The bald frog, whose baldness represents the core beastiality of humans, bought the wig, which represents how we like to hide our true selves, from its dermatologist, who represents the marketeers exploiting our inherent self-doubting, exterior-centric, attention-seeking nature. When the wig blows away in the wind the frog realises the futility of it all. Only until the wig is back on.