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Gender Female
Occupation Mama
Location SF Bay Area, Ca, United States
Introduction Once upon a time as a girl I had wild ambitions of becoming a writer, when I realized grammar was a major part of that life I gave the dream up. You will find many a grammar mistakes in this blog. If that offends you don't read it... (No I am playing read it) In my busy world as working full time single mama in the know I do not have time for pesky grammar rules. Forgive me please.PSST, I have a confession before I had children I rarely drank wine and coffee. Now i caffeinates on the regular and wine drinking has become a favorite pass time. To sum me up she is a naturally curly girly living and lovin' life in the East Bay.I enjoys shopping, purses, chocolate,the occasional gossip session.You can find me dancing in my living room to the latest preschool jams with my littles, sippin' a latte or cocktail. Obsessing over keeping my house as clean as possible with two little boys keeping it as messy as they possibly can. I blog, I write, I read, I yoga, I massage, I cook, I work, I love. I am a curlie girlie girl full of moxie with aspirations of taking each day as it comes, being nicer to myself and knowing I am blessed.
Interests Shopping, Purses, Chocolate, Cupcakes, Coffee, Wine, Massage, Hugs, Kisses, Writing reviews on Yelp

You've been entered in a shadow puppet contest. What's your best pose?

I am so lame but it would be a the duck. I can quack quack like nobody's business.