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Introduction Ok, so if you want to read the last "official" one, it’s on my website at: Unofficially, I decided to stream my consciousness and see what comes out. Winter still kicks me in the butt a bit, but as long as spring keeps coming, I should be ok. I tour all over the country. Most times it’s amazing, sometime it’s lonely and rainy and I wonder what the heck I’m doing and how I escaped "normal" life. My friends said I have to mention some "show-off stuff" so in nut shell, I have some soundtrack placements:Room Raiders: MTV, Ready for the Weekend Movie: USA Network Soapography: Soap Network, Driven: Jessica Simpson (VH1), Dweezil & Lisa (Food Network), Knock First (ABC Family), Biography: Christina Onassis (A&E)...oh yeah, and my 2 minutes of "fameI was on Live! with Regis (STOP LAUGHING, I never claimed to be cool;-). So that’s it for now. If I think of something else worthwhile, I’ll be sure to write:-) If you’re reading this, well all I can say is thanks and I hope it provides some....I don’t know-honesty? If you have any comments, I’m all ears! XO, MG