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Introduction When I started Silly Little CaveGirl in 2012, I was learning to feed my body. And I devoted all of my creativity to accomplishing that task. And my writing followed my focus. This became a place to share stories, and recipes, and hard-won insights that were benefiting my life. Then in 2014, things changed. I still was feeding my body. But instead I focused all of my creativity on building a new life. And the content waned. Later in the year, my ego became the most ravenous part of me. And my every effort went to feeding that beast. I still had won hard insights, but I couldn't bring myself to share them here. My ego isn't the silliest part of me. And now, today, my ego is satiated. My body is fed (and continues to be fed). And it is my soul that needs feeding. My creativity is focused there. Like never before. And my writing has followed my gaze. I can't make any promises. I don't know what will come next. Or how it will show up here yet. I only can say that no matter what I write, you can be sure it will be true.