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Gender Male
Location California
Introduction I'm your FRIEND and ALLY, or you are a problem, with the rest of the world.
Interests Reform of all US, state, and inferior venues, now too tainted, to continue, under any constitution, where all are severally undermined by attainders and uneven enforcement, for dire notice.
Favorite Movies Movies affected by corporations in the standing army era should predict the future, since seers always were involved, in movies.
Favorite Music Ever heard of corporations, which suck the blood of any person, not spawned by the illegally established Catholic Copshops? What music do YOU fave on? Not. I play the stuff, when it is time. The modern styles you may not have noticed until yesterday are 37 years old, from my guitar. Got 'Barracuda?' The Piranhas from Ron Pie-hole Reagan duped all of that they could steal, and did meth, so their teeth are a lot worse than mine are. And these teach your kids, or they KNOW NOTHING.
Favorite Books Qur'an

What is anybody's sorry excuse, for supporting illegal regimes, which assert US SENATORS, to violate the commerce and all fundamental clauses in the US Constitution, since ratification?