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Introduction The author and the creator (Sambodhi Padmasamadhi) of Infinite Quantum Zen Website is an Eternal Spiritual Being (Living Awareness) Experiencing Itself through the Fractal-like Consciousness of the same․ Tools (Meditation‚ Mindfulness‚ Virtual Reality‚ Gaming‚ Coding‚ Writing‚ Digital Art)․ In other words: Flowing River of Consciousness that is Aware of its existence․ Our Core Essence as Spirit or Spark of God flows through Life‚ Reality‚ Existence much in the same way as water flows in a river․ i․e․‚ I AM both named and nameless, singular and plural, everyone and no one at the same time; no one special, yet special in every sense of the word – an enigma wrapped in mystery. As is the author, so is their work – a riddle to be solved.