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Industry Arts
Occupation Miniaturist and Sculptress
Location United States
Introduction A love of childhood things, Story book illustrations, and fantasy are at the heart of my works. Each miniature takes on it's own personality and has a unique story to tell. Each one is innocent. The stories are unwritten, leaving interpretition in the minds of the viewers. My hope is to bring a small bit of joy and happiness to those who view them. I believe in the golden rule, good will, positive attitude, hard work, and pursuing happiness. It is my intention to insinuate these things through my art. The Method: Beginning with a wire armature or, in the case of the littlest of my scupts a single piece of wire. Using a sewing needle for sculpting detail, the heads and faces are the first to appear in the clay. Then the torso, and limbs. Last to be sculpted are the costumes. After curing the clay. I then add fur a few strands at a time. The fur is painted using the tinies brushes I can find.
Interests I am a self taught artist. I've been messing around with all kinds of different mediums for as long as I can remember. I used to buy oil paints with paper route money when I was a teenager. I love creating mixed medium 3 dimensional pieces. Some of the materials I regularly use are polymer clays, fabric, acrylics, chalk pastels, fabric dye and paints, copic markers, Wire, leather, faux fur, mohair, viscose. Currently I've been focusing on Creating miniature animals, teddy bears, and toys. You can view my works at the links below: Ebay: CDHM Gallery: Facebook: I've been creating tutorials which you can find here: