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Gender Male
Industry Telecommunications
Occupation Retired
Location Waldorf, The Green House, Maryland, United States
Introduction ..........................................Two Womancats and 2 Mancats sharing space with The Big Thing that has a lot of strange powers and control over our lives. But we love him anyway... The Big Thing is the Provider of Stinky Goodness, Opener of Doors, Cleaner of the Litter Boxes, Protector from Thunder and Other Loud Noises, Tosser of Toys, Giver of Treats and Kitty-Crack, Scritcher, Calmer of Hissy-Fits, and Warm Body.
Interests Mice, Moths, Lap-Napping, Bed-Sleeping, Eating, Sitting In The Way, Sitting On Newspapers, Watching Evil Squirrels, Being scratched under the Chin and Behind the Ears.
Favorite Movies The Incredible Journey, That Darn Cat, Cat from Outer Space
Favorite Music Cats - The Musical and Movie... Stray Cats
Favorite Books Cat in the Hat

When you spilled the milk, did it look like the moon?

It looked more like a wet snackie.