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Gender MALE
Occupation Space Entrepreneur
Location A pale blue dot called Earth.
Introduction Space entrepreneur. Orphan of Apollo. Co-Founder of International Space University, Singularity University and Google Lunar X PRIZE competitors Odyssey Moon and Moon Express, where he currently serves as CEO. Bob Directed the Optech Space Division from 2002-2009, providing key technology to the 2007 NASA Phoenix Mars Mission. Bob studied aerospace and industrial engineering at Ryerson University; physics and astronomy at the University of Toronto; and space science at Cornell University, where he became special assistant to Carl Sagan. In 2008 Bob joined Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurweil and other leading thinkers in the founding of Singularity University, dedicated to preparing humanity for accelerating technological change. Bob is an evangelist of the "NewSpace" movement and has been a catalyst for many commercial space ventures. In 2005 Bob received a Doctorate of Space Achievement (honoris causa) from the International Space University for “distinguished accomplishments in support of humanity’s exploration and use of space.”
Interests Space, Earth, Life
Favorite Movies 2001: A Space Odyssey, 2010: Odyssey Two, Contact
Favorite Books Cosmos (Carl Sagan), Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand), The Singularity is Near (Ray Kurzweil)