TC Laverdure

About me

Gender MALE
Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Introduction I am 40 years of age, married (17 years) and am the very proud father of four children. I am a Professional Shiatsu Therapist by trade. As of August of 2009 I have re-entered the world of furniture sales and now work as a furniture associate at Leons Furniture in Calgary. Shiatsu can be hard on the hands and I need to be around more people more often. I practice the Internal Martial Arts of Pakuachang, Hsingyichuan and Yang Taichichuan. I have a deep need to be a novelist (in progress). I own a small farm in Uruguay,my favorite country. Lee (my wife) and I have a company called Exigency Management Consulting website
Favorite Movies Billy Jack, Francesco, Once We Were Warriors, Gran Torino, The Notebook, Its A Wonderful Life
Favorite Music Jazz, Blues and Classical.
Favorite Books The book I am writing.