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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Visual Artist
Location San Diego, CA, United States
Interests I'm interested in cross-culturalism, urban marketing, youth trend analysis, fashion for action sports and the music industry. It is important for me to support art shows, live music, the club-dance electronic scene, and inspire others, share knowledge and resources. I enjoy teaching, travelling and lecturing and riding bikes. I'm into visual arts, photography, graphic design, illustration. Sharpie in hand, I'm always sketching and when I have the right tools I like etching, carving and cutting tons of stencils and thinking about bikes. I do silkscreen printing for a living, I'm intrigued by vintage printing methods like the Chandler printer and moveable metal type, mimeographs and Gocco, I get excited about playing with Xerox machines and experimenting with old school tricks, finding messed up rubber stamps and making my own hand carved stamps. I have a collection of handmade books and a shitload of fanzines from all over the world. I'm into free will, living simply, free thinking/no stinking. I've been a skateboarder since 1978, but I'm getting too old for it so I'm mostly riding bikes throughout the city of San Diego. According to Ray Johnson and the New York Correspondence School, I'm a Networker, I'm interested in Fluxus, the Situationist movement, Dada, Surrealism, Propaganda, Visual Poetry, Constructivism, Pop Art, Graffiti, Street Art and obviously Anarchism, Nihilism, Bike-ism, liberal, leftist stuff and anything in between. My life is about intensity-workaholism-hyperactivity-multi tasking-D.I.Y. I'm fueled by loud harsh electro-punk beats and a Vegan and gluten free diet...and my bikes are Vegan too.