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Industry Museums or Libraries
Occupation Librarian
Location Washington, United States
Introduction .. . .. .. .. . . . The ideal is a medium coffee and three shots of espresso with a splash of cream: less milk than a latte, isn't watered down like an Americano, and isn't bitter beyond swallowing like straight espresso. The caffeine is just to keep the head aches away. I'm not as unique as I think I am. That's a bitter pill.
Interests 84 charing cross road, a.a. milne, acting, alice in wonderland, alison krauss, allegories, allen kurzweil, alison krauss, annie hall, anthony andrews, art deco, autumn, barbara dickson, bare naked ladies, baz luhrmann, beatles, bela fleck, big stupid words that no one knows, billy joel, blackadder, bob dylan, books, breakfast at tiffanys, brooding, caffeine, cat power, cat stevens, cats, charles baxter, charles bukowski, clouds, coffee, coffee shop culture, cranberries, danielewski, dar williams, dave brubeck, dave matthews band, david gray, django reinhardt, douglas coupland, dr. pepper, edward gorey, ernest hemingway, eva cassidy, fawlty towers, film soundtracks, five for fighting, something else, but I forget….
Favorite Movies Howl's Moving Castle, Serenity, Elizabethtown, Brazil, Intolerable Cruelty, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai, Cherish, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind., Science of Dreams., Pan's Labyrinth.
Favorite Music Bunches.
Favorite Books Dogsbody, Grand Complication, Howl's Moving Castle, The Historian., Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell., Artemis Fowl series

What spells can you cast with magic markers?

spells (or misspells, depending on how I'm spelling that day) of an indelible nature. (I asked for a new question 5 times, and this was the least lame one that came up.)