About me

Industry Arts
Occupation healing artist
Location colorado springs, earth.
Introduction je suis beth. i live in colorado with my husband, our son, cosmic kitty tonka, angel doggie hazelnut, blue healer bliss puppy dosia, snail 'stick' and fish friends. i do bodywork, work at a natural food store, sew divinely inspired creations and make raw foods for a living/loving. i am currently studying live food nutrition, organic gardening, yoga, meditation (&on.&on...) and the plan is to acquire land in hawai'i for a living food community/ center. in the meantime i'm enjoying the mountains and the family and ever-growing community that we have here! :)
Interests our newest addition, outdoorsy everything, hiking, mountain biking (very slowly so far :) ), yoga, dance, organic gardening/LaNdDaNciNg, massage/bodywork, writing flow~etry, watching the clouds, creating music, bathing in sunlight, waterfalls, presence, listening to the sounds of nature, bed-ins for peace ;), dance dance revolution :), music, music, music
Favorite Movies Everything Is Illuminated is absolutely amazing. It is definitely my favorite movie by far. I laughed, I cried, I told all of my friends about it. See it. Do it. Do it. Across The Universe. Slam. Stardust. Aeon Flux. I like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind a lot, Dune & Children of Dune... Princess Bride... Office Space... Alien Dreamtime... Grandma's Boy (mostly just the robot dude), Im Juli (In July), Mirrormask, V for Vendetta, Garden State & I can't think of anything else right now. Ah yes, Diet For a New America is also a seat-gripping must-see... and Zeitgeist.
Favorite Music anything and everything that moves me
Favorite Books celestine prophecy etc., sunfood diet success system, sick & tired?, everything is illuminated, pretty much anything on health, nutrition & live foods!, douglas adams, kurt vonnegut, shel silverstein, books of po.e.tree, a wrinkle in time etc., my dictionary/thesaurus, the book of poetry written in ancient heiroglyphics on the fallen trunk of an old tree