Katie Bulmer

About me

Introduction Boys, booze and every attempt to be beautiful was the soundtrack to my highschool and college days. I learned about sex through MTV and what matters in life through the opinions of others. After a terrible hangover and one too many heartbreaks, I threw my hands in the air desperate to find a better way to happily ever after. And then the hero burst onto the scene and taught me about unconditional love, His name is Jesus. It wasn't long after that I met this incredible handsome youth minister named Bryan. Today we have two little girls and a marriage where i feel adored and cherished everyday. There was a lot of healing that had to happen before I ever let Bryan in. I was wounded and didn't feel worthy of this incredible man. This is why I write to young women. You are the most incredible women on the planet earth yet you settle for less. You let your heart be broken and beaten down when the man worthy to hold your heart ends up with the pieces you both have to fit back together again. One girl at a time I pray I can help young women realize their worth in Christ, not a boy. Making her heart whole FIRST, then she is ready to fully love a man who is whole in Christ himself.
Interests If you see me instead of Jesus, I am doing it all wrong.
Favorite Music Chris Tomlin