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Industry Chemicals
Occupation Corn-Product Refining
Location Enoch Holler, Ol' Virginny
Introduction Well, now it kin be told. I are a supermodel who lives on one o' them-there big yachts, in Monaco, wif Omar Sharif. Hoo whee but he are a lovin' man.
Interests Shootin' varmits, drinkin', makin' shine, Bigfoot-huntin', purty gals, drinkin' wif preechurs, blowin' stuff up as a sooper-hero, investergatin' the famberly tree, winnin' prizes fo' my writin' at the Alphaville Herald, like the Pullet Surprise I done got.
Favorite Movies Deliverance, O' Brother Where Art Thou?, The Thrillbillies
Favorite Music Wrinkle Neck Mules, Junior Brown, Miz Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, The Shiners, SCOTS, n' Tom Waits
Favorite Books Sears' Cattylog, Victoria's Secerets (that are a novel, ain't it?), Terbacky Road