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Industry Transportation
Location Coventry, England
Introduction Okay folks. A bit more about me. I am the youngest of four. My eldest brother is 17 years older than me, my sister 6 years older and the younger of my brothers was 5 years older. He, Colin, committed suicide when he was 35 after his ex-wife took their children to Australia and he lost touch. I was born and brought up un a little village that would probably be called a suburb these days. Called Gonerby Hill Foot it is at the foot of the hill betweek the towns of Gonerby (pronounced Gunnerby) and Grantham. You may have heard of Grantham. A woman by the name of Margaret Roberts was born there. She went on to marry Dennis Thatcher and become the first woman Prime Minister of the UK. My father picked my first name and named me after his favourite ship in the Navy, the HMS Penelope. I kept telling him he got it the wrong way round, you are supposed to name ships after daughters not daughters after ships. I suppose I should just be grateful he wasn't on the Ark Royal. I lived and worked in Grantham apart from a brief year at York University, until work sent me to Coventry. Literally.
Interests Cats, poetry, reading, gardening
Favorite Books Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Azimov, Lois McMasters Bujold, Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey