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Gender MALE
Industry Student
Location Columbia, South Carolina, United States
Introduction YOoooOoo. Whats the best way to describe me?? I am one of the most unique+coolest+Flyest+interesting persons you will ever meet.
Interests Music, Movies, my XBOX 360, running track, playing basketball, Chess, church, girls, Fashion, going shopping for clothes, online shopping for clothes, I <3 clothes and shoes!!!, oh yeah and Guitar Hero.
Favorite Movies Pursuit of Happyness, Transormers 2, 300, ATL, Stomp the Yard, The Baldwin Hills series; People say I belong on Baldwin Hills.lol, Take the Lead, High School Musical, Never back Down, and im sure theres plenty more but you'll learn more about me.
Favorite Music OK Lets R0LL! MUSIC! ... I enjoy every type of music possible. I am amazed at the creation of music that God put together. They way the music can change the atmosphere in a room, the way it can affects your feelings is incredible to me. But R&B, rap, Gospel, Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz( I play the Trumpet), I <3 MUSIC!!! BUT one music icon that hit me hard was Michael Jackson, his music made what Music is today. I can listen to Michael Jackson all day. My favorite MJ song is "Thriller" although I used to be terrified of it as a child.L0L. R.I.P. Micael.
Favorite Books YOOoooOOOooo. I've recently had to read "The Color Purple" for my school's summer reading program. I really won't read books unless its called for it.