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Introduction Who are we? We're a group of furries that run servers for others furries! The owner is a crux, get it, the star? That explains the name; because trust me, we're not a Christian server. We do tolerate though, and we love our own, like a family! But we're all people, we swear a lot, and tell dirty jokes. If that and the occasional porn spray isn't your cup of tea then you won't like it here I'm afraid! SCG was founded with the intention of giving the furry fandom a gaming group where they can be left alone by fur following trolls, bigots and otherwise, general stupidity. Sort of like a quiet nest in the internet. What do we do? We have 3 awesome Tf2 Servers, a minecraft server and a group of awesome people ready to play with ya! Head to our website , , to learn more, hit up the forums, learn about us! And hey! Pop in the chat at any time! We're always around for a good conversation, even say hi to me, Rowdy!
Interests Team Fortress 2, furries, scotch.