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Introduction My name is Kate. I'm a 23 year old self-proclaimed geek. My favorite things to do (besides making jewelry!) are watch tv, read, and play video games. I'm into sci-fi, fantasy and horror; stuff like the tv show Supernatural or the Harry Potter books. I just graduated from college, where I spent 4 years changing majors, bouncing around from one Art major to the next until I finally got my A.A. In college I dabbled in studio art, graphic design, and photography. Geeky Bead Designs comes from my love of all things geeky, and wanting to share my love with other fans. I make beaded bracelets inspired by tv shows, anime, Broadway musicals, book series and more. I'm into a lot of different fandoms, so by checking my shop you can see what my latest addiction is! Currently, I'm working on bracelets inspired by Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. I also make healing and meditation bracelets. I'm New Age-y like that! I practice yoga and meditation and all that cool stuff. I make my bracelets using semiprecious gemstone beads that I get from a local store. I like to use real stones because of the idea that they have powers and healing energies. I find wearing them helps keep me grounded.
Interests Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Wicked, Fantasy books, Broadway, Musicals, Supernatural, Yoga, Buddhism, Gemstones, Healing crystals
Favorite Books Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Matched, Leviathan

What spells can you cast with magic markers?

Hopefully the Patronus charm, to keep those dementors away!