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Gender MALE
Occupation Finance
Location Melbourne, Australia
Introduction I write about my life and my friend’s lives – all names have been changed. I write about a, predominantly, gay world, not that all lives are 100% gay, or 100% straight, any longer. We’ve come a long way, our enemies haven’t defeated us. We will get equality. We will get gay marriage, (which will probably, for the most part, just set us up for gay divorce) It’s inevitable. I make the occasional social and political comment, but it only attracts a loony, fringe element, generally. Besides, I think we are screwed on both fronts. The environment is going to take care of that – sins of the fathers and all that. I write fiction. My dream is to be a fiction writer. I don’t think I have any other dreams. I think I’ve used them all up. I am a pacifist who believes if you throw bombs at people they tend to throw them back. It is basic maths, really. I am an atheist who thinks all religion is the enemy. You only get one life; myths, stories, superstitions do not give you a two way bet. Live your life and be happy, it is the only chance you get. As Kerry Packer famously said, after a near death experience, I have been to the other side and there is nothing there.
Interests The wind makes me feel alive, food has never been a great interest, getting stoned is a bad habit of mine, running makes me calm, thinking makes me strong, love makes me human, kissing makes me tingle all over, sex makes me relaxed, friends make me smile, laughing makes me healthy
Favorite Movies Dangerous Liaisons, Mysterious Skin, Meet the Feebles, All About Eve, Long Time Companion, Thelma & Louise, Hud, The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, A Beautiful Thing, Baghdad Cafe, Cinema Paradiso, Shortbus
Favorite Music R & B - the only time I see god is when black women sing
Favorite Books Raymond Carver, Tobias Wolff, Hotel New Hampshire, The Colour Purple, Anything by Sam Shepard, anything by Christos Tsiolkas, Like People in History, Interview with a Vampire, Vernon God Little, Bridget O'Connor's short stories, Shadowboxing

What was the stage name of your favorite actress before she was born?

Eggedon 2. B. Bloodyfamous