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Occupation stay-at-home mom
Location Midwest, United States
Introduction Well, where do I begin? There is just so much to tell! (what with the multiple personalities and all) Most days I am Lizzy, a 43 years old woman. I've been married for 19 wonderful years (did I say that right, honey??) to my high school sweetheart and the love of my life. Together we have two sons,(that we love and adore, MOST of the time) our oldest is 16, our "baby" is 12. We have a dog named Charlie that we all agree is a human being dressed in fur. Somehow we all fit snuggly into our small suburban Chicago home and manage to eek out a pretty happy existance. The other days, I am Hilda, the Las Vegas show girl who performs with magicians and circus bears. :) I am a frustrated writer want-to-be,(so hope you'll indulge me this fantasy. Pleeeease?) I try to be a kind person every day (it doesn't always work out, but I do try) and look for the good in people. I am horrible at mathmatics of any sort, I am prone to laughing fits that include snorting with my nose, and I'm really good at playing Wheel of Fortune and Cash Cab. (I know, I know,...soooo talented!)
Interests writing, drawing, reading, movies, cooking, my husband, my kids, my family and friends, and God.
Favorite Movies Sleepless in Seattle (all time favorite), 16 Candles, The Thornbirds, It's a Wonderful Life, Grease, Something About Mary, and Auntie Mame (the original one with Rosalind Russell, a classic!)
Favorite Music I don't really have a "favorite" type of music. If I hear something that I like, I listen. It could be rap, R&B, contemporary, country. I like to keep an open mind!
Favorite Books The Seat of the Soul, Tuesdays with Morrie, The Life You Were Born to Live, The Outsiders, and trasy romance novels.

Foxes are clever and tigers are cunning. So, what's your cat's safety school?

Phat Feline Foo Fighters and Cautionary Cats Protection Agency