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Industry Law Enforcement or Security
Occupation Exsyndi
Location United States
Introduction This is me, Lily Phoenix Jade, and my story of the past, present and future... Well not really future, you will be reading my future as it goes so this will just be about my past and present. This is where you will find it all...

Story teaser:
For me, truths will be reviled to me on my dangerous journey to find the answers to my secret questions I has never asked from another. The closer I get to finding an unbelievable truth, the deeper into the hunt for my life I will unknowingly find myself. My world will be flipped upside down the further I get, things I never thought possible in My existence will change. All that I know now will never be the same again....

ᴬᴻ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ
∞ ♥ ☼ ONE OF A KIND! ☼ ♥ ∞
Mature Audiences Only 18+
Adult Content

**NOTE** Please remember that this is not a real character. This is me writing as Lily. She is original and of my own creation. She is made from no one else.
Interests Reading, writing, fighting, training, working, having fun, finding my way through my life, finding answers, living every day as my last, being me
Favorite Movies Sci-fi, horror, suspense, mystery, drama, comedy
Favorite Music All forms of rock and techno, some pop and rap, no gospel, very rarely country, slight liking to J-pop and K-pop
Favorite Books Dark Hunter series, The Dark Forgotten series, Southern Vampire series, The Vampire Chronicles, Were Hunters/Dream Hunters, Riley Jenson Guardian series, House of Night series, Remnants series