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Occupation Part-time Super Nanny
Location Decatur, Georgia and, Lower Alabama, United States
Introduction For starters....just call me "Pissy". The "Big" is just to distinguish me from my youngest daughter who is basically a 28 year old smarter, prettier version of me. Ok then....I'm a Southern smart-ass, lets just get that out of the way right now. I've been described as grumpy, opinionated, "pissy" and funny. And that was by people who love me. Imagine what people who hate me say. Bitches....
Interests my family including my 3 fur babies, t.v., SHOPPING, movies, reading, gardening, SHOPPING, traveling, the beach, SHOPPING, home decor, fresh flowers, eating at cool little restaurants in Atlanta, gossip magazines, gossip websites, laughing, being a smart-ass. Various forms of exercise in a vain attempt to keep middle-aged spread at bay.
Favorite Movies Bridget Jones I and II, Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Gift, The Ring, War of the Worlds, Austin Powers (all three), 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead, Steel Magnolias, Shall We Dance, Mad Hot Ballroom, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Finding Nemo, Shrek, Rear Window, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman Holiday, The Birds, Crash, Capote, The Devil Wears Prada, Sex and the City, Slumdog Millionaire, Gran Torino, District 9, An Education
Favorite Music Earth Wind and Fire, Chicago, Stevie Wonder, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, Aretha, Dionne Warwick, Culture Club, 70's, some 80's, Bottom line: Let's DANCE!!!
Favorite Books The Road, Sharp Objects, Never Let Me Go, The Time Traveler's Wife, Let The Right One In, British Chick Lit, Jennifer Weiner's books, mysteries, British mysteries

You moved the pot before the coffee stopped brewing. Do you smell the mountains or the burro?

The burro, of course. I'm in Hell, remember????