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Location Minnesota
Introduction I'm just me. I don't pretend to be anything different. I'm a home-body at the core. I'd label myself as an organizing freak-if I only had the time to do so. I have three kids - ages 4, 3 & 3 months. I would like more. My hubby would not. So I guess you could say we're "on the fence" even if I'm the only one up there. I like to be know, when I find TIME. I have very few close friends...but those that I have I hold dear to. I love Jesus - He is the only one I can count on. My husband is the bomb - and he's the best duster, ever. My oldest daughter is so much like me, it's scary. My son, well he's a boy and I'm still learning about boys. My baby, she's just the most squeezable thing, ever...and she makes me want another one, now. Our dog - she's hairy and if I had my way I'd leave her outside, but we live in MN so that's not nice. I like our fish - they are the only living things that don't talk back to me, or leave hair all over the house.Well - that should about sum me up and put you to sleep in one big-shabang. Happy reading my peeps and thanks for stinkin' around!
Interests Kids, Blogs, Pictures, Kid Photography, Weekends, MN Lakes, Organizing, Cleaning, Nutrition
Favorite Movies August Rush, Never Been Kissed, 27 Dresses, 2 Weeks Notice, Dumb & Dumber, Vantage Point, Bourne Series, Miracle, 13 Going on 30, Wedding Planner, Napolean Dynamite
Favorite Music I like a WHOLE variety of stuff - pretty much anything but classical will make the grade. And reallly - must they play songs with nasty lyrics on the radio??
Favorite Books I wish I had time to read!!