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Industry Law Enforcement or Security
Occupation The Mau Mau Chaplains
Location Maroun Al-Ras , Aita ,, LB, Lebanon
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Interests "Marvelous Mu" Chapter of the Sigma Lambda Gamma, National Security Sorority. Who "Suicided" Ariel The Butcher SHARON ?
Favorite Movies Why we fight, The third man.
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Favorite Books Blowback Trilogy....CIA "blowback" refers to retaliation for illegal operations carried out abroad, kept secret from the US public. These operations included clandestine overthrow of governments, counterinsurgency militias, , training of foreign militaries in the techniques of state terrorism, rigging of elections in foreign countries, interference with the economic viability of countries, as well as the torture or assassination of selected foreigners....The former Soviet Union didn't simply, implode or collapse - it was pushed over the cliff- the highest-stakes CIA operation ever, doing in Russia what it is and had been doing/done in smaller countries all over the world, from Lebanon, Chile, Guatemala to Greece. There are Russians who understand the hidden CIA hand. It was a dangerous, irresponsible game for the United States to play, but that was the derring-do of people like Reagan and Bush, who no doubt patted themselves on the back for their "secret" victory that no one knows about, or so they think ! Of course, it could still come back to haunt us all...