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Introduction I've learned that when everything seems absolutely hopeless, that the best alternative is to simply call on the name of Jesus Christ. You may think that His name has been worn out- It's been used so much that it can't possibly have any significant meaning. And how can I, by blind faith, have observed the works of the Father's Son? I can state myself, that I do not blindly believe in someone I have not yet seen. I have had an expierince. A powerful, life changing expierince. This expierince began when I gave my life and dedicated myself to God. And it is continueing on. Now I know for sure, that when I call on Jesus' name, my words don't just fall flat on the ground, but they go up to One who hears me. One who perceives me, and One who knows me. So, with all that said, I try to use my talents that God bestowed upon me to bring about His everlasting kingdom, and to prepeare everyone for His return. Yes, I may be young. Yes, I like things like video games, music, and all the other usual things. But I have been redeemed.
Interests GOD, JESUS, HOLY GHOST, Bible, reading, learning, friends, family, enemies, life, new life, eternal life, listening, teaching, preaching, prophecying, helping, photography, guiding, pool, swimming, tubing, running races, video games, the history and science of the Bible, drawing, art, faith, hope, charity (love), doing GOD's will, music, playing music, the sound and sight of someone who just got adopted into the kingdom of God, and being responsible for that adoption, and more
Favorite Movies Hoodwinked, Napoleon Dynamite, Forest Gump, Signs
Favorite Music Newsboys, MC Hammer, Lecrae, Family Force 5, MxPx, Jars of Clay, KJ-52, Charlie Daniels, Josh Turner, Toby Keith, Thousand Foot Krutch, FLAME, 116 Clique, Hawk Nelson, P.O.D, and more
Favorite Books Bible, Holes, Small Steps, the Alex Rider serie, the Pilgrim's Progress, and more

That can't really be a fish you're standing on, can it?

No! Of course not! That's absolutely preposterous! How could anyone ever make the foolishly absurd observation of this being a fish? It's a dolphin!