About me

Gender Male
Industry Fashion
Location Pforzheim
Introduction Someday i will leave Pforzheim. Someday i want to live in a loft in London, whilst carrying a starbucks in hand and sceting imortant designs on my blackbook. Someday i will be as famous as Alexander McQueen and have the wardrobe of Karl Lagerfeld. Someday i will sit firstrow on Marc Jacobs couture show sporting in Ginvenchy sunglasses. Someday i will be rich and be on the Cover of British Vogue. Someday i will dress Lady Gaga and Natasha Poly, Anja Rubik and Linda Evangelista will model for me.Someday i will find the Girl!. Someday i will walk trough London to get some bagels an a cup of tea. Someday New York will be my second home. Someday i will sit with my friends getting drunk on wine.Someday Anna Wintour will put one of my dresses on the cover of American Vogue and everybody will love it. Someday i will be 40 and walk trough the timeline of history. Someday i will have a family. Someday i will die in Paris, sitting on a chair and smoke my last L&M cigaretts. Someday there will be a exebition in a museum, with my name on it. Someday my dream will come true