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Occupation Invasion pathfinder
Location North West England, United Kingdom
Interests surviving, freedom, liberty, conservatism, libertarianism, liberalism, Christianity, socialism, culture wars, democracy, patriotism, dancing, food, mediaeval history, ancient history, modern history, alcohol, staying alive: la la la la stayin' alive, heavy metal, archaeology, anthropology, politics, political humour, political satire, economics, defence
Favorite Movies Amistad, Amazing Grace, The 13th Warrior, The Prophecy, Star Wars, Underworld, The Green Berets, Zulu, The Thirteenth Warrior, Ultraviolet, The Great Escape, The 300, 30 Days Of Night, 300 Spartans, Cloverfield, The Wedding Singer, The Queen And The Damned, The Terminator, Highlander, Warlock, Alien, Predator, The Wicker Man, Addams Family, Addams Family Values, Innocent Blood, Love and Death, The Naked Gun, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Music and Lyrics, Dog Soldiers, Independence Day, Casablanca
Favorite Music Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Ten Pole Tudor, The Police, Blondie, AC/DC, Queen, The Who
Favorite Books The Dragon Waiting, ToReign In Hell, the Constitution of Liberty, Law Legislation and Liberty, Anarchy State and Utopia, The Road To Serfdom, Atlas Shrugged, Starship Troopers, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, Dracula, Shards Of Honour, Good Omens, Lords And Ladies, Feet OF Clay, Sunglasses After Dark, The Trouble With Islam Today