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Location Sydney, Australia
Introduction Mother of two grown up kids,and very long time married, after many years as a full-time mum, then a part-time theological student I'm now trying to be useful in my local church whilst working out what the next step is.I'm passionate about Jesus, treasure the people in my life and dream of being a preacher. I'm a would-be poet, a slightly eccentric cook, and an INFP (which must explain something). And I'm a pickle: a weird shaped lump of something-or-other, a bit salty, a bit sweet, definitely an acquired taste, preserved by the grace of God and trying to add a bit of flavour to the blandness of modern life.
Interests reading, writing, friends, theatre, theology, poetry, weather, preaching, cuddling, psychology and abuse recovery issues
Favorite Movies To Kill a Mockingbird, Dead Poet's Society, Kite Runner
Favorite Music Caedmon's Call, Andrew Peterson, Celtic christian, Michael Card, Rich Mullins
Favorite Books LOTR, Till we have faces, Poetry of T S Eliot, Brennan Manning, Dorothy Sayers, Eddings, .. the list could go on and on

You're trapped in a well with a goat and a slinky. Describe how you will escape.

Easy. Tell the goat to bounce his way up with the slinky and go and get help. (You didn't think I was going to do anything athletic?!)