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Occupation Being a precious little girl
Location Southern, Indiana
Introduction I am four years old. Last year i was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. Rett is the most physically disabling neurological disorder on the Autism Spectrum. I can't speak or use my hands anymore but i'm a very happy girl and my blue eyes speak volumes! Typically, Rett only affects females and strikes between 6-18 months. Less than 4,500 girls have been diagnosed in the US but many have been missed. Currently there is NO CURE but researchers are working hard and Rett was recently reversed in mice!!! Please join us in supporting funding for a cure. Please visit www.girlpower2cure.org and www.rsrt.org to donate. I was born healthy and developed as i should have. I could roll over, sit up, crawl, play with toys and i could even talk a little but then things started changing. My hands stopped working and i lost intrest in almost everything. Instead of laughing, i cried. My walking improved, but my words went away. I stopped playing with toys, i couldn't feed myself, i couldn't even scratch my own nose anymore. My world was changing around me. I knew it, but was helpless against it. This is my Rett Syndrome journey. Please donate $$$ to unlock my world and so many others!
Interests Lauging and being happy, Spending time with my family and friends, Exploring my environment, Being talked to, Snuggling, Watching tv, Riding in the car, Music, and Our own game of "Eyes open, eyes closed"
Favorite Movies Bear In The Big Blue House, Elmo, Blue's Clues, and Dora the Explorer
Favorite Music I love it when people sing to me! My mom sings to me all the time and i like, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Abc song, Old McDonald Had a Farm, Twinkle Twinkle and, The Five Little Monkey's. I also enjoy listening to the radio. Some of my favorite songs are, Keep Bleeding by Leona Lewis, I'm Sorry by Buckcherry and the new Pink song, Fight, really cracks me up. I recognize when these songs come on just by hearing the first few notes then i belly laugh the whole way through cracking everyone else up in the process. Recently my friends Brooklyn and her Mommy, Kelly sent me a new Girl Power to Cure cd. It's so fun to listen to! My sister and I really enjoy it! Thanks again girls!
Favorite Books Brown Bear Brown Bear sometimes works when nothing else will