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Industry Government
Occupation Domestic
Location Kansas City, Missouri
Introduction Eponine called me Cowboy. She considered me a vigalante. Leaving her home to take on the world. Trying to make it a better place.

My Eponine was a cat. A domestic, short-haired gray tabby. She also had white socks. My heart broke Dec. 20, 2005 when she died.

She crossed my path in 1990 and picked me. With an occasional brush against my foot or a purr, she convinced me to care for her every need. And she supported me. My regrets are that I didn't give her more moist food and treats.

Sometimes she went by Ep. Eppy if you were a friend. Epster if she was being frisky. Her favorite was when I came home and said "Hey, Little Monster! How was your day?" "Wild!" was always what I think was her reply.

This blog was Ep's attempt to update you about her days. It is now my attempt to record how scary days sometimes are without her. I didn't know being a Cowboy could be so tough.

July 24, 2007, Eponine sent a tiny diluted torti along my path to pick me. Gabrielle was wandering the earth just like Ep. Gabby now never lacks in a supply of moist food. But a gluten allergy keeps her away from treats.