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Introduction This is me in Gramma Anna and Grampa Henry's sunny SF backyard circa 1967. It's as if I can still smell the dirt (a special sandy mix Grampa concocted for the camelias) as I mixed and scooped and plopped the mud into rusty jar lids, arranging them for "purchase" atop an overturned fruit crate. But time passed, the 80's came, women started wearing paisley ties, shoulder pads were big, and greed was I marched off to college, graduated Phi Beta Kappa in Economics and embarked on a 15-year career in advertising. When I look back at this photo, I see the person I've always truly been: paisley tie-free, posing for Gramma's "Brownie" camera and up to my elbows in pie fixins', sharing the goods with my family and friends. So, when life gets messy, remember where to find me and we'll make mudpies together. I'll be here...I never really left.