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Introduction Join Elan the Bard of Evensong as he journeys through Distant Lands and Chronicles his adventurers. Read tales of deadly Vampires, unfulfilled Contracts and run-away Goats as our Bard, Entertainer and Actor-extraordinaire recounts his travels (although some parts might be hazy due to but not exclusively limited to alcoholic inebriation, Troll-club knocks to the noggin' or less-than-favorable actual outcomes that may or may not indicate less than absolute courage and resilience in the face of danger from our favorite Lore-keeper). These are my travels as I remember them, as they happened or should have happened at any rate and if some of the tales seem less than "plausible", it is probably because the allegedly "accurate" version was too droll for a Bardic novel and so certain creative liberties had to be exercised.